#Madagasacar : « Oppressor or oppressed ? »

In some parts of Madagascar, women defend themselves against the oppressive system which deprives them of the fundamental right to be free from men’s domination.

Port Bergé – This man, named Zahere* 28 years old is talking about life, with our team work. He’s not married and won’t get married with a girl from his town. He would rather find the love of his life in other places, near of Antananarivo probably. He simply doesn’t want to be a "victim" of the "valizy mena" (red suitcase) phenomenon. The Tsimihety community has a tradition in which suitors must pay a bride-price called moletry of up to five head of cattle and money. The couple stays together one year in a trial marriage during which the girl is allowed to have a slush fund, generally in a red suitcase. At the end of the test, either the marriage takes place or the couple separates. Nowadays, when the girl finds that she has collected enough money, she leaves the man.

Befotaka – Most women in this locality chose to remain single because they believe that men are irresponsible and source of many problems. They don’t give enough money for the needs of the family, they drink and take drugs. And above all these, they are violent and unfaithful. These women would prefer to bring up their children on their own.

Men think that women consider them like slot machine. “They are not ashamed to run away and take another wealthier man.” Women argue that it’s the men who teach them to be untrue.

*name have been changed

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