#Madagascar : « What if… »

As a major city, Antananarivo has to face every day the problem of pollution and traffic jam. Those problems tend to worsen because of our means of transport are out-of-date. We do not talk about cars models but means of transport that could make our life easier. If transportation is something we cannot do without, it might not be a bad idea to consider other means of transport.

Metro. Also known as rapid transit, the metro has the specificity to run underground, so the overall car traffic flow would decrease. According to Wikipedia: “Rapid transit is used in cities, agglomerations, and metropolitan areas to transport large numbers of people often short distances at high frequency.” In Africa, only three cities use the metro. Those are Cairo, Algiers and soon Oran where call for bids for the construction of the first section has just been launched. Algiers has almost the same number of population as Antananarivo, while Oran has less but metro has been considered as profitable.

Metro says no to traffic jam

Tramway. At the beginning, trams or tramways were horse-drawn when the vehicle moves on railways. Madagascar had used trams at the beginning of 20th century: horse-drawn tram in Toamasina and steamed tramway in Antananarivo. Step by step, electricity replaced horses, except for us. Tramways are not anymore used in Madagascar. Cities that use the tram find many advantages in them. According to specialists, trams run more efficiently and overall operate with lower costs. Generally, trams provide a higher capacity service than buses and passenger comfort is normally superior to buses. That is surely why a tramway project was considered in Antananarivo in 2008, with a length of 15 km. But the project remained as a project.

How many years until electric vehicles appear in Madagascar?

Electric car. It is not a big revolution. In fact, electric cars appeared in the late of 1880’s. With the increase of oil prices and gas emissions, the electric car could very well become the car of tomorrow. In some countries governments give bonuses to those who invest in electric car. However, even if the use of electric car is encouraged, the charging infrastructures are just not good enough and with all the problems the JIRAMA (the national energy supplier) is dealing with these days, we are not sure that such a new demand could be supported.

Anjara Ralaiarijaona


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